Serving Teams

Our mission for Citylight South Serving Teams is to glorify God by emulating the perfect servant himself—Jesus Christ—in serving our brothers and sisters within the church body.

We have a common goal to share the responsibilities during Sunday mornings and throughout the week among our family members. When we serve one another, God graciously gives us even deeper relationships, bonds and love for each other. 

Of course, we learn about serving from the perfect servant Himself: Jesus Christ. Jesus is the ultimate servant. He humbled Himself by taking on flesh here on Earth, serving His fellow man and ultimately serving all of humanity by dying the death we deserved. May we look to Him as our example of servanthood, and empty ourselves by serving our fellow family members.

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” —Mark 10:45

There are multiple ways for you to get involved with serving at Citylight South! View our list of serving teams below.


Brew, set up and tear down coffee supplies on Sunday mornings in an appealing, clean and inviting manner. Serve people coffee joyfully and make them feel welcome.


Hand out bulletins as guests enter the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. Welcome people, make them feel comfortable and safe. Be a warm, smiling face.


Announce upcoming events and important information for the congregation to be aware of. Help set a joyful and engaged focus for Sunday morning.

Scripture Reading

Read Sunday's Scripture for the congregation to sit under during the gathering. Share the Word in a clear, gentle and loving way.


Care for church family members who are unable to drive themselves by transporting them to and from the gathering on Sunday mornings.


Create a clean and welcoming environment by maintaining the church's outdoor landscape. Help mow the lawn, clean flower beds and organize church cleanup days.


Invite people to join in the Lord's Supper on Sunday mornings. Serve the bread or juice with a kind smile and word. Help clean up the supplies afterwards.


Connect with newcomers to get them plugged in. Welcome people on Sunday mornings, share about City Groups and plan next steps. Help follow up on Connection Cards.


Meet before the first gathering or after the second gathering on Sunday mornings to pray over our church body and for specific requests/praises. Help organize prayer gatherings for Citylight South.


Facilitate, invite and lead the Citylight South family in musical worship of the Lord on Sunday mornings. Practice Thursday evenings.


Help foster the love of Jesus by sharing the Gospel with children—ages nursery through elementary—on Sundays. Engage through play, activities and storytelling.


Meet with middle and high school students to help them in their pursuit of the Lord. Play an active role in discipling the youth of the church.

Interested in serving?

We have several open serving positions. Apply today!

Have questions?

Email our Administrative Coordinator to ask any clarifying questions.